At SCOG, Sunday mornings for kids are an adventure! Kids meet every Sunday morning at 10:00AM during the adult service.

Holy Week Family Experiences

Our gift to you, and for anyone you want to share it with.

This section will be updated daily with that day's instructions for leading your family through Holy Week. Anytime that day, call the family together to read a scripture, watch a short video of that scripture, and be led through a fun family game or activity. (Warning: squirt guns, balloons, Legos, play dough, etc. may be involved!) 

Each day you will find a new pdf … for 8 days … preparing you for Resurrection Day, Easter! We want you to have the tools and resources that will make this the most meaningful and memorable Easter of your life. 

We encourage you to share this information with anyone you think would use it and benefit.

Weekly Family Worship Guides

Hey Church Family ~

We’ve got a fantastic opportunity for you! Below are Family Worship Guides that very simply outline how you can lead your family in a time of focusing on God. There are links to music, a narrative to lead the family through a Bible account, a SUPER FUN activity to do as a family, conversation starters, prayer, and a scripture to claim during this time especially.

We are here to resource you in being the spiritual leader of your family. Lean into this unique time when you can point your family toward God. And don’t doubt for a moment, that you are loved and being placed at the feet of Jesus through prayer. 

Moms, dads … we love you!

Please feel free to pass this along to other families and churches.




Every Sunday morning preschoolers get to know Jesus in a way they will remember -- a safe, fun, high-impact and exciting environment.



We provide 2 groups for elementary kids (1st-2nd grades and 3rd-5th grades), so they can learn in an age-appropriate setting best suited for them. Each group experiences a variety of activities on Sunday morning that helps God’s Word come alive, as well as being challenged to live that out through the week. Our desire is that kids are excited about being a follower of Christ!

Pre-Check Your Kids

For their safety and your peace of mind, we check in every child who participates in our kids' ministry.

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